• Arne

    Meet Arne Jacobson

    Birthdate: May 11, 2014

    Lovely little Shichon from London but now living in L.A.


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  • Bentley

    Meet Bentley

    Birthdate: July 14, 2014 (Adopted)

    Bentley loves fashion and modeling. You can catch him being carried like a baby on the streets of LA with the most dapper outfits. Doesn't care to play with toys or eat food, unless it's pizza.

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  • Bode

    Meet Bode

    Birthdate: 1-13-19

    Redondo Beach, CA. Agility, therapy & mural dog

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  • Bowser

    Meet Bowser

    Birthdate: April 11 2017

    A Mini Goldendoodle who has a Dapper and Hipster Sense of Style from Los Angeles who loves to Model. He loves trying new food and going to the Beach.

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  • Cooper

    Meet Cooper

    Birthdate: June 16, 2013

    Living in Virginia and enjoys adventures to the beach and loves his mommy.


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  • Franco

    Meet Franco

    Birthdate: February 24, 2016 

    Cream Frenchie living in the beautiful San Francisco. Style with a smile.

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  • Dulce

    Meet Dulce

    Birthdate: 8/22/2009 

    A mellow Maltipoo hailing from West Hollywood, CA who loves fashion, carrots and belly rubs!

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  • Frankie and Velvet Love

    Meet Frankie and  Velvet Love

    Birthdate: F-November 28, 2016

    VL- February 5th 2020 

    Likes to sleep, eat, play repeat. Loves cuddles and chewing on antlers. Sassy, classy and a bit bad-assy!

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  • Fred

    Meet Fred

    Birthdate: March 23, 2016 - Born on National Puppy Day

    This cheeky red Maltipoo will brighten your day and maybe even make you blush. 


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  • Gus Gus and Marty

    Meet Gus Gus and Marty

    Birthdate: G-August 10, 2015

    M- August 22, 2019


    French Bulldogs living in San Francisco, California. Lives to love, born to model, loves to cuddle.


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  • Kimchee

    Meet Kimchee



    Just a small 🐶 eating and modeling his way through life.


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  • Leo

    Meet Leo

    Birthdate: September 4, 2015

    Living in Chicago, this gorgeous mainecoon  is better dressed than you!

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  • Lexi

    Meet Lexi

    Birthdate: October 9, 2009

    Happy-go-lucky SoCal rescue mutt who loves treats, naps, exploring and making friends.

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  • Louie

    Meet Louie

    Birthdate: November 7, 2015

    Enjoying life in Orange County, Ca. Mom makes video games and I make you smile

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  • Maximus, Fletcher & Cobalt

    Meet Maximus, Fletcher, and Cobalt

    Birthdate: Maximus: March 28, 2008

    Fletcher : March 15, 2012

    Cobalt: February 24, 2014

    Three Bulldogs living the good life, drinking #puptea in SoCal

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  • Murrow

    Meet Murrow

    Birthdate: August 22, 2014

    This cute french bulldog lives in Minnesota. She is sassy and obsessed with playing ball.

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  • Napa

    Meet Napa

    Birthdate: May 8th, 2016

    Chief happiness officer at a Silicon Valley startup. Foodie and professional attention seeker.

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  • Paddington

    Meet Mr. Paddington

    Birthdate: February 5, 2016

    This handsome Harlequin Great Dane is living in Omaha, Nebraska. He loves bow ties & cuddles.


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  • Rocket Roux

    Meet Rocket Roux


    Parti Yorkie living in Oregon

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  • Rosco and Josie

    Meet Rosco and Josie


    Rosco 6.23.17

    Josie 9.18.20


    Louisville KY

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  • Rusty

    Meet Rusty


    I’m a 2 year old champion surfer, actor, model, cuddler, therapy dog, and all around cute rescued red Min Pin.

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  • Teddy

    Meet Teddy


    Dog Mom-City Life, Travel, 

    Home Recipes, Science nerd and

    Plant lover

    Teddy- Sweet But Sassy


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  • Sushi

    Meet Sushi


    My ears are vegan & dog-friendly
    Video creator & fashion icon

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  • Tank and Lulu

    Meet Tank and Lulu

    Birthdate: Tank- November 2, 2015

                         Lulu- May 28, 2016

    Two San Diego Bullies enjoying life in SoCal. Always inspirational in their posts.

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  • Wednesday & Winnie

    Meet Wednesday & Winnie

    Birthdate: Wednesday-


    Two dogs! One blog! 
    Half sisters
    Bringing you daily sunshine


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  • Wrigley and Theo

    Meet Wrigley and Theo

    Birthdate: Wrigley- 10/6/2015

                         Theo- 11/14/16

    Two Cub loving Doods always looking for a good time!


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