Modern Gray Sweatshirt


Our Modern Gray sweatshirt has a splash of attitude with the navy blue trim accent on the back. Two cute pockets and a few inches of stretch, does it get much cutier than that!

Fabric is knit so expect some extra stretch 1-2"


Sizing Information: 



Chest: 12-13"

Length: 7.5"

Neck: 8-10"


Chest: 14-15"
Length: 9"

Neck: 9.5-11


Chest: 17-18"
Length: 11"

Neck: 9.5-11



Chest: 19-20"
Length: 13"

Neck: 10-12"


Chest: 23"
Length: 14.5"



2X (XL- Wider Neck)
Chest: 23"
Length: 15"

Neck: 16-18"


Chest: 26"
Length: 16"

Neck: 17-18


For every purchase we will donate $1.00 to our local shelter Rancho Coastal Humane Society.http://rchumanesociety.orgRancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) is dedicated to the rescue and shelter of abandoned companion animals, encouraging adoptions into loving homes, and promoting humane ideals through education and community outreach.

Modern Gray Sweatshirt

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